Furniture Cleaning
      The beauty of the Dry Eco Upholstery cleaning system is that cleaning can be routine and not a special project. With the most fabrics, your furniture will be back in service in 30 minutes. DRY ECO uses a unique counter, revolving power head and a specially formulated detergent, to dissolve, emulsify and encapsulate the dirt. The high tech encapsulating detergent is mixed with air to create unique low moisture cleaning bubbles that surround, suspend and encapsulate the dirt. The bubbles use 90% to 93% less moisture than most other upholstery methods. As a result, fabrics are not soaked through. The detergent is safe, nontoxic, biodegradable and does not contribute to resoiling.

Dry Eco Upholstery cleaning system offers:
  • No over wetting
  • Never any shrinkage
  • No sticky residue
  • Can see results immediately
  • Safe for all types of fabrics .
  • Our goal is customer’s complete satisfaction
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